7 Habits of Highly Effective Exercises

Set your motivation and stay motivated, create your Exercises Habits

Here are what some of my customers say about their Exercises Habits:

What made Sue motivated to hit the treadmill almost every day is naming it, Ripley. Since she never skips meeting friends, she treated her treadmill like a human. Though it became a running joke, it motivates her to hit the machine. So when others ask if she has seen Ripley, she can always say yes.

To make exercise a habit, be creative on tapping with your natural motivations instead of searching an inner enforcer. The following are tips that made women stick with exercising.

1. Don’t Keep Exercise Gears

Waking up, Monét immediately thinks about exercise. Since her exercise gears can be seen around her room, she never forgets to exercise. The exercise gears are visual cues for waking up the brain and remind it of what must be done. To do this, you can choose a place where you always walk by and put your gears. These can make the gears visible all the time, thereby reminding you of your workout routines.

2. Make Daily Commute your Workout

Instead of taking a cab to go home after work, Monica would jog home. She also finds it as a faster way to go home. Walking or running allows you to squeeze in exercise in your busy day. You can also do the same as Monica or park your car about a mile from workplace to get a good walking distance.

3. Purchase More Workout Clothes

Having one sports bra, Gina found it a barrier when working out due to hygienic problems. She bought more workout clothes and this made her exercise more often. The clothes do not only make working out comfortable but these also support your identity being an exerciser. To save time matching clothes and still feel comfortable, try sticking with the basics and same designs.

4. Posting Workouts Online

Michelle started posting workout videos online and was able to rekindle bonds with her high school friends. They cheered her up and would demand to know what’s happening when she won’t post for several days. Doing this helps in getting social support and encourages you to exercise more. Join a social site and make a workout journal and post your achievements each time to motivate you to do more next time.

5. Have your Causes Involved

Rachel vowed to donate a certain amount to a library of a former president she doesn’t support if she fails to exercise several days a week. Since she’s a political junkie, she saw working out as mandatory and made her lose weight within months. Because of antipathies, she worked hard and stick to her routine. You can do this by finding organizations where you can donate and have the same vow as Rachel.

6. Make New Friends with Gym Class Regulars

Marie manages to stay focused working out with the help of her friends in gym class. If she comes in feeling odd, they help her regain her focus to exercise. It works because you feel good with everyone around you and entices you to do more. Do this by arriving a bit early and observe if everyone easily mingles with each other and even with the instructor.

7. Make your Own Exercise Contest

Elizabeth and her friends got into a sweaty battle on losing weight with exercise and diet. The bragging rights and the prize make everyone motivated to reach their goals. Along with your friends, you can also do the same like losing the most weight with walking and announcing the winner after 6 weeks. Let everyone put a fixed amount of money in a jar as the prize.

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