How to be happy? Here’s what the Buddha thought about it.

The road to happiness, how to be happy

niBGydXdTFirst and the most important to become happy is to understand and feel when we are unhappy. Without that, we cannot look for happiness. If we fool ourselves and say that we are happy when we are not, we will not achieve anything. The fact that helps us to realize that we were unlucky is the first step towards happiness. A second step is to understand why we are unhappy.

OK, why we are unhappy and if we are unhappy, how to be happy?

Although at first may seem that this is a complex issue and that there are a lot of reasons why we have the unfortunate fact is all of our accidents can be grouped into only two groups. The first group of reasons could be the fact that we want something, and that we do not have it (e.g. Youth, loved one, reputation, better finances situation).


The second group, because of we are unhappy is the fact that we have something we do not want to have, so we have an aversion to it (e.g., disease, years of age, bad habit). What makes us unhappy is not the fact, for example, that we are sick. We do not want to be sick and that is what makes us unhappy. If the disease was the cause of the accident then all who are ill will be unhappy, and yet, there are people who are sick, and they are not unhappy. The cause of the accident is not a disease in itself but our aversion to disease, the desire to be healthy when we are not. This desire for something we do not have creates frustration. And this frustration makes us unhappy. The same thing is with the loss of a loved one or any other cause of the accident. Loneliness is not the cause of unhappiness it’s our desire to change the current situation and the law. This creates an unfulfilled wish, and very soon the craving passes into frustration, and frustration that we feel, we usually call an accident, sadness, depression…

Now, how to get rid of an accident, how to become happy?

happinessMaybe you should try to look at Buddha and his life (Buddha is not a God; it is a person who has sought and found a way to happiness, about it some other time). Buddha realized the next thing (meditation is a technique that is used as a tool), he called it- four universal truth (universal and valid always and everywhere, in some literature it is often called “four noble truths”). Those who are perceived (4 truth), not on a philosophical level but a deeper level, they leave all their unhappiness and become free deliberated of so-called accidents.

The key is to accept the facts just the way they are and stop wondering why something has happened. In life there is one rule “You get what you get, it has nothing with what you deserve”, the faster you accept this faster you will deliberate yourself of sadness.

Being Fit & Eating Well also, can help us feel happier.

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