The Surprising Health Benefits of Going for a Run

Based from evolutionary thinking, running is vital for humans. Before any weapons for hunting were used, early men relied on persistence hunting where they would chase their prey for long hours until the prey slows down because of exhaustion.

The superiority of humans within the animal kingdom is due to being great long-distance runners.

However, anyone can say that running hurts. Just taking a short run right after work will have your limbs stiff the next morning. Doctors frequently warn people that running is among those high impact activities, so there is a great tendency that it will also cause injuries. It can trigger physical pain, which is bad for you.

A book released in 2009 by a journalist emphasized that amateur runners and even marathon competitors were involved with injuries due to the pain that they felt from thick soles of shoes nowadays. The journalist also mentioned that these types of footwear develop a running style that makes runners do heel strike, instead of practicing the right and comfortable style of running.

Regardless of your approach with the stride and footwear, scientific research provides a lot of benefits of running to anyone.

Health Benefits of Going for a Run

People who run are Better Partners

Men who run in long distances have higher chances of winning the battle with reproduction. Studies show that runners who can finish faster have higher sperm count and robust sex drive.

With early men, it was believed that women observed hunter-gatherers when running as it could possess a positive signal that one is a great breeding partner.

Runners are Better Thinkers

A runner with high endurance is not only able to bring any trophies but is also known to be good with conversations once everyone is sitting on the dinner table. Scientists discovered that the bodily process which aids in fueling the body efficiently can also improve learning and memory. ERRy or estrogen-related receptor gamma regulates the energy released to both brains and muscles. If you produce this single protein, you have higher chances of improving in marathons and performing memory tests.

Some great thinkers who are also known as impressive runners are Alan Turing, Wolfgang Ketterle, and Matthew Parris, a journalist and politician.

Runners are Happier Individuals

Avid runners say that jogging helps alleviate stress. Though many may not believe this, there is already a concrete scientific proof for this. It was discovered by researchers that aerobic exercises such as jogging eradicates kynurenine in the blood that accumulates when stressed and is also believed to be associated with depression.

Aside from jogging, other exercises also have the same effect. However, the results made from the research only supported aerobic exercises like running and biking. In addition, exercises also encourage the release of serotonin that improves the mood. This can be linked to feeling lighter and less stressed after such activities.

Running Helps Prevent Cancer

Yes, a healthy lifestyle can lead to prevention of illnesses. However, jogging is also beneficial when it comes to warding off cancer. Based from a study, Finnish scientists concluded that physically active men have lesser chances of developing cancer. An interesting part of the study was that those who run or do any activities with the same intensity at around 30 minutes each day have better protection against such diseases.

Runners have Better Sense of Hearing

According to a research, running helps in increasing blood flow to the ears that leads to improvement in hearing.

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