Walking for Health

Walking is a free and simple activity that can increase the number of your physical activities, improve your health and help you lose weight.

Though walking is an understated exercise, it is considered as an ideal activity suitable for individuals from all fitness levels and all ages who are willing to take a more active lifestyle.

Just walking regularly helps in reducing chronic illnesses and even cancers. The following are some tips in increasing the amount of walk you make each week and at the same time, maximize its health benefits.

Before Starting Walking

What you really need is a comfortable pair of trainers or shoes. Make sure that it provides enough support and will not cause any blisters. With your clothes, choose loose ones where you can move freely yet can keep sweat away from your body.

If you choose to walk to work, just wear your work clothes and focus on a comfortable pair of shoes. When planning to take long walks, take some water, a spare shirt, healthy snacks, sunscreen, sunhat and a backpack where you can put all your things in.

Once you get used to this activity, you can start investing on a waterproof jacket and a pair of walking boots when taking challenging routes.

Getting Started

Start your walking routine slowly and increase it gradually. For gaining all health benefits when walking, the aerobic activity must be in a moderate intensity level; thus, it should be faster than taking a stroll.

To tell whether you are in the right level, you should be able to talk yet not sing all the words of a song. Also, it must increase your regular heart rate.

Don’t force yourself to walk fast and reach as much as 10,000 steps in the first day. You can break it in several minutes while making sure that it is in a moderate intensity. Start with a slow paced walk then increase gradually in the next few minutes, and then walk a bit faster.

When ending your walk, start slowing down your pace for cooling down and finish it with some gentle stretches. Make each step count, even with just random walks to any place.

How to Stay Motivated?

There are different ways to motivate yourself. Try the following:

Make walking your habit. Instead of taking short rides from one shop to another or when going to work, just walk. You can walk regularly with friends or with the entire family. Try using an app that can help you find the best walking routes that you can take.

Mix it with other activities. Aside from taking a plain walk, try visiting canal paths, parks, heritage trails, or nature reserves.

Find a walking group you can join. To make walking more fun, find a walking group and make new acquaintances to stay motivated.

Be a volunteer in promoting walking within your community. This will not only motivate you to walk regularly, but also entice others to be active and embrace an active lifestyle.

Put your boots on whenever you want. There are groups you can join for leisure and health that allows you to get along with different people from different places you visit.

Set a goal. You can set up goals like walking a thousand steps for 10 minutes and level up each day or week.

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